104-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Recovers from Coronavirus

A 104-year-old woman from New York who survived stage 4 melanoma, two broken hips, and lived through the Spanish Flu, has now also recovered from coronavirus.
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Sisters Die 102 Years Apart From Two Separate Pandemics

Two sisters died from global pandemics over a century apart. On April 14, Selma Esther Ryan died from coronavirus just days before her 96th birthday. 102 years earlier, her 5-year-old sister died from the 1918 Spanish Flu. Read the story now.
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8 Retirees Contracted Coronavirus After Poker Game, 3 Died

Eight retirees in Florida contracted coronavirus after their regular poker games and within weeks three were dead. The seniors would get together four nights a week to play poker in their Miami-area condominium.
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107-Year-Old Woman Among Oldest Patients to Recover From Coronavirus

A woman in Turkey has become the second 107-year-old person to beat coronavirus. After being treated for the virus, the centenarian made a miraculous recovery and was released on April 13th.
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90-Year-Old Dies From Coronavirus After Telling Doctors to Save Ventilator ‘For Younger Patients’

A 90-year-old woman has died from the virus after turning down a ventilator and instructing healthcare workers to “save it for younger patients.”
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Meals On The Run

5k/10k Meals On The Run

YVEDDI Meals on the Run 5k/10k is an annual event supporting the Meals on Wheels program for Surry County. Right now we have over 75 senior citizens waiting to be fed and unfortunately that list grows every day. Our program provides not only a nutritionally balanced meal, but also a wellness check...
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