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Simon says Get Up!

I Didn't Let You Win!

Sean has been trying to get the kids to play board games at home, but no one seems interested. He just wants that one good game of Trivial Pursuit!
Simon says Get Up!

What Can I Get For A Gallon Bag?

College kids have always sold plasma to make some extra cash, but 2020 has brought a better money-making opportunity! You just have to catch a novel virus...
Simon says Get Up!

It Looks Like A Sedan

The new trend in tattoos is getting your first/favorite car. Sean has a cool one, and Charley does too. Matty, on the other hand...
Simon says Get Up!

Should I Call Back?

Dunkin' Donuts has a new ghost pepper donut that Matty & Sean can't wait to try. Sean tries to call the DD down the street to see if they have it, but...