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Simon says Get Up!

23 Skidooo To You!

Since we have to be careful in the workplace not to step over any lines, they've given us a new way to compliment people: speak to them like your great aunt...
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How Do We Elevator Now?

Living in a pandemic world has changed the way we do a lot of things. So the Get Up Show asks, how do we ride elevators now?
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Millenials Really Are The Worst

Another thing Millenials have ruined...leftovers! They throw away tons of food each year because they don't know how to do this simple task. What is wrong with...
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And Next For 2020...

The Get Up Show is learning that you don't say, "What's next for 2020?" because 2020 keeps surprising bad ways. Make it stop!!
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What's Happening On Nextdoor?

The Nextdoor app can be as entertaining as a soap opera! One lady drives her dog to the fireworks to complain about the fireworks, and does anyone know what...