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Simon says Get Up!

Which Would You Choose?

You have to choose one to give up for a month - your dog or your phone?? But can your dog use the phone for you? Or can you call your dog while he's gone? The...
Simon says Get Up!

Would You Do That At School?

With so many children doing remote learning from home, teachers have had to send out warnings to their parents to stop certain behavior! Will they be sent to...
Simon says Get Up!

Be Sure To Come Back!

Taking a 15 minute walk each day to appreciate the scenery and nature is good for you! Sean's just afraid he can't gauge the distance correctly...
Simon says Get Up!

Can Men & Women Be Friends?

A recent study of baboons revealed that male baboons with female friends did better in life. Which begs the question, can men & women be strictly friends?...
Simon says Get Up!

Reality In Spaaaaaaace!

A reality show is in the works for people to travel to the international space station. The Get Up Show has mixed feelings on this one!