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Simon says Get Up!

What Can't Dolly Do?

Dolly Parton is truly an angel on Earth, and now it seems she's helped create the Covid vaccine!! Seriously, what can't Dolly do??
Simon says Get Up!

Is It Too Late To Befriend George?

A story has surfaced that says George Clooney once invited some friends to dinner and gave them each $1 million! Do you think George is taking applications for...
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Get Off My Porch, You Pirate!

With so many people ordering online, the porch pirates are keeping busy these days! But what if you end up with something you really don't want?
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How Do You Decide What To Eat?

Can you believe people actually decide if they will eat a certain food based on what color it is? Just make sure it's actually supposed to be that color!
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Sure! I've Seen That One...ish

A new study says people lie about which Christmas classics they've seen. Which brings the Get Up Show to admit, we're seriously lacking in our Christmas movie...
Simon says Get Up!

She's Soooo Sleepy

A woman was caught on video falling asleep in the middle of making someone's sandwich at Subway! Did she really work that hard? And when can we get our sammich?