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Simon says Get Up!

Suits and Ties Please!

Would changing your work wardrobe be a deal-breaker for you? Sean asks Charley and Matty about their office style!
Simon says Get Up!

Hot Cartoon Crush!

Have you ever been just a little too attracted to a cartoon character? Sean, Charley, and Matty discuss their most scandalous cartoon crushes!
Simon says Get Up!

Your Thumb Has Died!

A 17 year old girl broke her thumb but the doctors made a terrible mistake... Sean, Charley, and Matty delve into the details of the story!
Simon says Get Up!

Toy Hall of Fame!

The new toys inducted into the toy hall of fame have been announced! Sean tells Charley and Matty about some of the new additions! Were any of these toys your...
Simon says Get Up!

30 Days of Self-Care?!

Good Housekeeping has released a month-long challenge to take care of yourself! Sean, Charley, and Matty go over the requirements of the challenge to see if it...
Simon says Get Up!

$1000 Every Day!

It's the season for Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes! Charley, Sean, and Matty share their dreams of winning and possible scams out there!