You've Been Say It Wrong!

Friday, November 17th

Matty runs down the list of Foreign Company names that we as Americans, have been mispronouncing the entire time. Brands like "IKEA", and "Nutella"


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Many except Glavine had to get a show party like it's on sale over 99 Iran or some manages virtual player Friday week before Thanksgiving it's already so festive around here and now my favorite thing ends is when Matty has a story about things that are. Miss renounced. Is. This is also the foreign brands OK we Americans do not pronounce correctly and Matt he's going to be the one to tell us how to pronounce the correct going to be fine boy you know that amazing furniture company from Sweden ICF yeah I had spent now. He Kia the yes. New tell. That sounds too much like nude in it embarrasses. I think I don't know ten to zero this yet the Hyundai. On Monday no it's Sunday it's CIA today yeah I knew that I own my dad got it under Conde like Honda within Angela yeah a lot of people do Monday to Sunday well it's like Porsche is actually Porsche. Portion which I think is stupid. Force what else how to garden which is a German beer is who are not a garden right there in that during a ho and it didn't. And it's pouring your garden and Samsung which out is not that's how was this spelled sexy Samsung. In song Otis sons say look we're learn and stuff together in here like Fat Albert again in a hey welcome to virtual player Friday assured Germany go ahead. Play actually. But Perry chick and smaller. You know what we hadn't done in years were gonna give you this all six and a half men. You. This.