Your Walk Says Alot About You!

Wednesday, September 21st

Sean Charley and Matty wants to know what your walk says about you?

Are you a front to back, or side to side walker ?


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Your credit we got a real cool welcome again a show we play everything here and now sizes say you know everything is about your personality if you like your coffee black he could be associate that bright. And now. Yeah you are wow look at the way you walk. It has something to do with how you interact with people and personality traits that you may or may not have like people who increasing pelvis movement when they walk. We're like six hits I guess is that would that means does that cider fast. Hope it's as are the sludge like they see that means some different. They say if you got that hit sway yeah that you were very agreeable and extroverted rights and that's that's very obvious people with the hips sway in his own mind if you don't move a whole lot when you walk upper or lower body your creative and conscientious person. People who move their upper body and their lower body a lot with a exaggerated movements. You have a swagger. And you're an aggressive purse a picture one of those fly guys case. At so the question is again if you change the way you walk in you change your personality if you are an aggressive person and you want to. Become less so viewed in just starts well in your hips and does that help possibly or can you sway your hips while also moving your upper body selective steadily this act. Are. Yeah that's when they come take you away now that's your personality raises your family does know where you went and they don't talk about cynical but. You're walking on sunshine. Do that is not always. So yeah. And.