Your Mug Can Kill You!

Thursday, September 28th

Sean shares a couple tips with Matty & Charley on a house hold activity that may save your life!


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Many 877 plays everything with a league rate her very delicious what's going on. Get a show here on what you guys to be warned I have a headline for you can you finish it and your coffee cup could ditch the vote. Yeah they're right this time. Your coffee cup they've just said begins feeling we've heard this before but the said the your coffee cup was one of the nasty is most contaminated things you'll run into. Throughout your life. There are some in this office that most definitely that's the true moon that one dude oh yea yea yea and he dropped it again on his car and I rescued it was trying to get away yeah. It had so much DNA it's a degree he wishes yeah see it as the race went whether it to us right back to an commuters like. Comebacks and it becomes well bad days just me 90% of the mugs in the kitchens are coded in germs twenty album. Have duty on and able and it comes from the spines where you think you're watching that thing well. Is what's so filthy. They say that some of the cops are filthy before you watch them in heavy coli on them. After you wash or would that funky sponge in there a 100%. Abbey called Ireland and he noticing this on to our operator in their like two years. There's not a runway itself. Do you think it's the same wondered is it regenerate doesn't have light little sports pop often makes new way to get like Ireland's. They say that the best thing to do if you don't have one year old office invested a little dishwasher. And stop white being with that. Your thoughts. Phones are you can.