Your Favorite Songs Are From Your Teenage Years

Wednesday, February 14th

Sean tells Charley and Matty about Spotify's study of favorite songs from different age groups.


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That the music you hear. Your songs that you were big and all when you were a teenager are your favorite songs for the entirety of your life. Because I was do the same music I was into it as a teenager. Yeah I mean I think just because it's got like so many great memories attached to it a security. And Spotify did a bunch a researcher on that they've they looked at people in different age groups creek. Is more popular among people who were teenagers when it was out who happened to be ready around 38 or so years old right now yes freak. The number one favorite song with 38 year old people. Right now in America see I mean that that's the thing is just listened to a lot of it lake super hardcore grinds but. I feel like my musical tastes have changed they were fourteen when the sun came out in 1993. Can that be right. And be cured that's like heaven most popular among 41 year old women they worry they were eleven when he came out. 38 year old men their favorite songs from when they were teenagers truly madly deeply by Savage Garden there and I guy. It's you look at now here's one here's one that. Kind of throws a whole theory now. Women in their seventies their favorite song on Spotify is Coolio is gangsters paradise. For a time to bet my bank data that we found a little bit Charlie's favors a government chooses senator. And I am 23 days. And boom in.