Is Your Car Distracting You?

Tuesday, October 10th

Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss some of the utilities built into your car that may cause distractions to your driving, such as GPS systems.


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We play everything Dupree tenders right there where the get a shoshone Charlie a married thank you all remember back when car stereos were when the fancy car stereos used to have likable digital picture on the front album with like doll dolphins jumping install any idea. I wonder who that was four because it if you're driving and and that's dancing along to the music. Why would you wanna watch that you can't get a can't look at exactly you're distracted so maybe it's just for your passengers in your car maybe this is some look at all your part but. AAA has now said there are lots lot of things in your car right now to distract you. As bad or worse than jumping dolphins on your radio dial like. Well in the range of things the radio that you're listening to right now is very low. On the list of dangerous distracts eyes keep us on all the time up next is placing a call. Or change in the radio stations so weak we don't want you do that they generate the knob off regretful and start for you don't have one absolutely. Texting is the second highest thing bids dangerous yet do very dangerous. The number one most dangerous thing to do when your car could you guess where this evening and make no it's it has to do with stuff that you. Having your car is technology in vehicle technology GPS yes. Navigation which is 100% legal to use. And supposedly safe to get you from point a to point B without you know make weird turns is stuff yet it takes forty seconds for a driver to complete. A navigation test. Well that's the thing I'd like mine has a little disclaimer at the beginning of that where you're supposed to agree that you're not gonna use it while driving but that. That's would you do it that now no no means does set it up while driving an upcoming golf. Again look what do I do effective time away I'm still send it up aren't. Home announced they'll tell you don't even know elected how scream series.