Would You Take Advice from Your Uber Driver?

Thursday, February 8th

Sean reads Charley and Matty some advice from Uber drivers around the world.


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Here Valentine's Day is on the way we have for you. Bluebird driver's best relationship advice oh look I says they see you know yeah it's number advice. Were you and your loved one out there and gymnasts are from California the best advice I would have for goober writers disconnect from your phone that's pick your heads up talk to each other on my dad yes interactive be president I like down on a lot Fred from Maryland. If men would learn to just listen and sometimes shot up they'd be better off exactly Fred thank you I talked Helmand assault on I don't know. A Roberta from Chicago. Do your best to keep your partner happy. Give honest feedback. Keep an open line of communication lots of tackles Nicole from Connecticut. Do your best to be the best person you can be and work hard that it your partner will notice. And it would mean the most apparent. It's pretty cool yeah the Mets got one Dino from New York City native. Eight. You have the right to choose if they're not good for you and walk away of course gets. Wilson you said than done as right now because a lot of people try to walk away when you're in the Hoover a lot of people put their feelings down and they'll just eat that yeah. Well I don't end up at a I'll feel from Connecticut everyone should be treated with respect understanding and compassion the advice I frequently give. Is to simply listen. Listen it's great when did you hear me now dollars and pay attention and remember. You heard the Hoover advice remember the goober advice to avoid Hoover says hey can. Then it's. It's.