Would You Live In The Woods?

Tuesday, October 17th

Matty shares with Sean & Charley a funny story about a guy who moved & lived in the woods for over 10 years for a very off the wall reason!


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That's not Samsung put our name and man it's we get a show on 97 Simon we love that stuff welcome to Tuesday morning. And so happy your weather is have you been thinking a move into the woods. Too late some dude has beach into it he's been in the woods how long now is it ten years ten years and the reason for for moving there wasn't to like get off the creator told all his good natured to tell me now that he was allergic to come that indoor retreated player he was allergic to air inside so there listening yet or or he you know it's been colder though no legs that didn't seem to be at okay with C wants another reason you would move to the woods he wanted to be like a big bear and do something in the woods. Know that was it either. I guess the reason was is he was finally over his wife nagging him the so yes he just moved out of the woods like with no house or anything out there are no other story goes that he was over it so he disappeared literally one day he visited us in knowing her from again for decades. They turned up at a setter if it but that helps homeless people get back on their feet. So Agassi's coming back out of the woods Davies had enough time to decompress from nagging about ten years later his wife is going to be so happy to see he's got some a snagging saved up man what if she is in a patch of woods just down the road because she was sick of him and they both headed out to the way I. It's the gift to the match. These are ways to do this and.