Winston-Salem Open

Friday, August 4th

Sean, Charley and Matty talk about the Winston-Salem open and the try-outs for ball persons.


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We're here is to get a show on 987 Simon play your quest from actual player Friday a lot of big Winston-Salem news today. The home of Krispy Kreme is Winston-Salem in the Reese's cup and don't know it is out today incident or your enjoyment and if you want to go get a job that the involved with tennis. Today's your day yet the Winston-Salem open coming up and they're doing try outs and you're twelve and older. You can head out see the I Wake Forest University indoor tennis center today from port at 530 to try out. Okay so he can meets well but older so like we can get out trial for what to be above person I hope all okay because I don't know does that explain to turn it wasn't enough I don't sudden I had really been training but I'll go try out come over twelve well here's the only thing bulk persons must have working knowledge of tennis are shoot a parent must be on the stand and run for one hour or more I don't know about and Missouri dollars have the ability to concentrate for X ten lengths of Palin that's world. This is a great opportunity for Saudi. Well I guess that's going on the familiar worried. Clinton what do we turn a fourth. But yesterday you guys go ahead on over there given line up often is the stuff spoke to thought they'd give them a little display and you'll do agree to pay welcome back to a player Friday it was happening. I need quiet shiny marine well I wish it was. It would hurt. It's okay.