Why Do People Want Driverless Cars?

Wednesday, August 16th

We've been hearing about driverless cars for years, but why do people really want them? Sean tells Charley and Matty a few of the reasons, and they are exactly what you expect!


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That it appears in it and it's seven Simon play and everything is Monday on the get a shall we hope you make it through this somehow we're gonna try thanks. Drivers they're saying drive those cars will be here. Very soon we knew what is the last thing we heard about that in the next 23 years ago to be on the roads wrecking bank and really has me going well well look. There are people out there who cannot wait. To have a driver was car this is the stuff people most want to do in their driver was car exercises on the list what's drink alcohol. Without knowing you can. That's not a problem is is that you can't just sit back and be like. Let me try and look as will be able bank. Now a little thank you thank you'll would be it was it was senator. Meditating. While your in your driver was car you can do that while you drive bra you can't because we meditate you push all thoughts out it's only about breath sightings of wage is just minutes away. Groom yourself. Woody could you make up on itself would breed they're doing memo no room. Watch TV is one none which have seen people doing that and reading is one I've also seen that doing that either newspaper or romance now what could put. Fabio on the cover texting and email and eating. Making calls is number one thing before doing a driver was car we did anyway and the people say that we not pose with the hands free device or fired not from faith and then right in the middle all of it is the one I think is the best idea especially this time of the day what would you do to driver was car drink coffee take a nap. He's got zing sleep. You would see regular drivers well I think that's what I would do exclusive every day in my life home. It's at I don't like this don't let your guard them actually they're back it's it's been relying.