Whoopi Sweaters

Thursday, November 2nd

As ugly sweater season approaches, Sean shares with Charley & Matty, Whoopi Goldberg's announcement to launch her own line of ugly holiday sweaters.

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97 Simon the only station that puts a slow car in your fast car to unite the morning we're gonna show does that get there Whoopi Goldberg is back aren't you glad examined by loves make absolutely great Whoopi Goldberg is back last year she started with her ugly Christmas sweaters although she calls them ugly holiday sweaters out and then this year. Twelve brand new designs. From the mind of will be launching dogs apple news. Yesterday evening they came out you can go by the now loop he said people love that we had a Honecker sweater so of course we have a new variation on that design in this collection. We also have a Kwanzaa sweater. And I know people appreciate that. They have lots of Christmas designs anyhow she said they did it once. And that was just for fun but now that she's doing in his second year in a row it's becoming a tradition and she expects all of America to get on board with her ugly sweater so we're serious now. Yeah this Israel duke you've got the here's just a couple of mute your. For 89 dollars there's though will be octopus Christmas sweater. For 89 dollars on zappos you can also get beat mr. slash mrs. Claus wimpy sweater. Arrow eighties so the dollars for whatever comes letter. In ninety bucks you are an ugly Christmas well you already with silly party you don't know yet heard about the best when yeah well it it still will be parting ginger bread man yeah.