Where Is Your Gold Bar?

Friday, September 23rd

Sean tells Charley and Matty the best way to smuggle gold is in your fanny!


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And everything it's a song called December but went zone here we are. First week into the fall who could possibly tell how long until December there's no way of knowing idea so we can dream can't we. Listen this if you ever go to work at a net where they make gold right oh my god illegally random buckets and oh let's do they really do they leave open buckets of cold blade around at the minute. And all you have to do to get it out there it's they get out in your Fannie and it works. All I'm Paula but I. And that message today Serena and there is a guy to. This guy Canada. Who got away with 135000. Dollars in gold are these nuggets are they some of Lamar at once or did he do it overtures time that's poetry and what used jingle and now. I notice he smuggled out some coins at one point. Eighteen gold nugget it's. A packet dead and other stuff like they have these worthy cause that the immense nugget sir in dipping spoon shapes. And not available commercially to the public that's how they caught him they said that he used to set off the metal detector more than most people. But when they were given the wander the military Dejuan there's only one area though there was none he would pass that thing every single time and they're like a McDonald's not him you know. I wanna be disturbed by this but I'm kind of a mates. She's she's a well over the hours she's just all of it or amber yeah that's right. So. They did a search warrant they found a little different spoons they said well how is he kidneys out there well what the security guys. Tested bids the trick and he showed that if you put it in there or no way that security got it yet to prove. Well you didn't name after I don't know bled just. If I had to breeze by their pick this one up and here's at a loss to place number Charlie answer. I'd like to hear this song cherish. If you lose police. All I and that's the weeks. Yeah air stone wolf going to be. Where is your gold bar.