When love goes too far.

Monday, June 18th

Charley tells Sean and Matty about a young lady who committed some crazy actions in the name of love.

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The negative part. Darker than a plane tries love burn America. Hey it's Monday morning and this is a great story about a girl who loved the guys so much she didn't wanna leave and go away for some school or some of us really how to work this is sweetest story this guy was like. It's his lifelong dream to play with a certain school he plays clarinet of course what he had been accepted to this prestigious program except he didn't know it was accepted well. I across the country attract and so his girlfriend hacked into his email account changed rejected the offer Vince since him rejection letter making it look like it came from the school. But he thought he'd gotten rejected. That is the sweetest thing or are not seeing me worse I can't even I can't say on the radio what I call this woman she is more. All know she loves him shouted him to be there so bad that she. She committed fraud because he meant that much do you know how beautiful that story is just as they worst story I think I've heard in a very vulnerable and I don't mean not to move in and day you write as you well. Let me ask her but me for my dreams and they would that is that is a dream to be loved so much that we go through all that an effort to prevent him from going away no that isn't he beautiful something misery. And she's. Hope he goes Jill will turn to show how much he appreciates. And I did.