What's in your toy hall of fame?

Monday, September 17th

What's in your toy Hall Of Fame? Tune in to see what's in Sean, Charley, and Matty's Toy Hall Of Fame.  

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And ID seven Simon we play everything good morning from the get out show thanks for listening to us. There's a new list of toys may be going into the national toy hall of fame gentle look pretty cool. He man about you had he amended I did have a few needed in in action figures see that's where age difference comes in because by the time he may came around I had a girlfriend. I mean edited. Yesterday young you put a little else heard there was C rocky people who are just simply a matter in American girl dolls might go into the hole for adding they said tickle me Elmo may. Love del Masso BAB two as a champion we still have some of those have been house. What else the magic eight ball yes pinball. Bhutto game yes and the most exciting on the list shot and that's what made me. Yeah those that are just like a generic being. I don't know what that's all you had you wanna hear what my favorite toy I was when I was little it's not on the list the stick and we'll there are no it was two boards. And I did and I had a little tool kit and I would take what board one and nail it to board be an. I would take that out into the field that I would throw it and I would think why won't you fly. Over and I'm Heidi it is parents they next your board will make the list.