What's an inflatable space hotel?!

Friday, February 23rd

If you had the chance to experience a once in a life time opportunity to stay in an inflatable space hotel, would you?


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Loud and vegetables well. Los Angeles then so I just tellem turned out and and you tell us what to played 3730987. Is can be ago when virtual player try to requests all morning long. And if if you had a chance if you had the extra money laying around right would you go to Robert Bigelow those inflatable space hotel. What is that you you know we talked about this one time before and it was kind of just an idea at that point but now he says no doubt about it by 20/20 one. He's going to us. On a lot of money into this thing. It's basically a monster space balloon space station is gonna orbit the earth and it's gonna have not necessarily luxury but it's going to have hotel rooms and it. On an inflatable. Space hotel what could possibly go wrong nothing excuse me. Room service could you please send my order extra knives that he's gonna sell per passenger. Reservations. In the low seven figures but it could be low eight figures if you wanted like a double bed. Team went to sleep and asleep necktie. Doesn't sound awful the you're in space in a balloon. That that's the part that I really have trouble is the balloons so much debris. And now it reminds me of your point blow up girl for in this story told me that time where your bidder on the neck and she departed blew out the window and. I 987 Simon. This stage please everything the NCAA east. 987. Simon we play everything well I'll make it and we're going to be all right what an eventual player Friday show on Charlie and Matty here in. If you think it right get married it's going to be a good time to do it brokers have been looking at the top waiting food trends though yet cheap man every people again out on the cheap now the top trends. Don't give your view of him. Pretzel bars at the reception like big salted pretzels with outings I was thinking of like rolled. Like midnight snacks like grilled cheeses and many ice cream cones and sounds good I know that this is like more of you know football game this is that wedding food went out tailgating now this is at a wedding. Floral cocktails instead of bouquets on all the tables know a drink with a flower and now Heredia threw that in the air. I think it's a good I'd gotten high of one would rather drink get. Being in food Booth. Low key cakes. This is all over pay interest that has been a big thing my sister did Whoopi pies is that a true wedding cake gas well they say the biggest thing for wedding cakes now is like a one layer flat cake simple white icing and pigs. Quite pigs pigs until onion. The deep voice and the number. And he. Governor pat well. And a number what covered cargo for your work regulating take the number one thing for weddings this year. Is pizza like a pizza buff Fay which I'm picture in CC GCI. And geez did that yeah for five and change it graduated to two crazy kids in Iowa the dimensional player try to look what Playboy. It'll that you won't play but there are a PGA world reunion there a particular result. Is a very cool song and I'll give you one Crist American dollars if you could sing every word of this song and good luck. It's. Maybe number listing on the ring kissing his running. 987 Simon play and everything another song talks about the rain are we building a theme here on this virtual player Friday is cool is sub B you call us 373098. Seven's number dropped by the FaceBook anyhow you are doing do news. You gotta write that self driving car when they come around you cool with a I don't know I don't think that's a good idea to pay that ten million self driving vehicles are going to be on the road by 2020s that's only two years from now you imagine that guys that really yeah. Half of Americans say they're not likely to use them but I don't think we're going to be able to get around it like appear. Let's say it's a shuttle it's an airport shuttle or it's a shuttle at a huge concert venue. They're going to be self driving vehicles of those things and you're not going to be able to get around you might not even know now if it's a self driving vehicle have we decided that there is going to be some sort of robotic mannequin in the and to make it look like a drag or worse because they'll steal your medicine for fuel. Look for is the go to your pockets when you get on use of drug boss he added Dan Bates. Most younger people or the coolest women eighteen to thirty spirals the millennial says they're totally cool with a within as you get older. Like 35 to fifties really don't want much to do with it and as you go up the skill retired people definitely are not gonna get the self driving cars leaves they keep. Get your jitterbug following you really wanna jump into a self driving him. I am now at riders there aren't there are nights when I don't trust myself to drive who's to organize honey bun and I think hey you know what so driver car would be a bad thing on one of those night. These dues I guess that pay good morning welcome dude virtual player Friday let's play some for you sir. We'll tour if you play take you home by an optional column. So there you go it's a self driving Phil Collins to. He doesn't even need drumstick this week verses in Surrey drive hogs news I'm sorry. Yeah. Kids. Let's get out show on 987 Simon all the royalty this morning and we've had queen decaying and there's Rick why Powell the eventual player Freddie always works out real nice to hear about this sleepwalking kid to close down a whole school now seventh grader. So wouldn't out of his house somehow he was sleepwalking and got out of his house is in Pennsylvania. Broke into the school in the middle of the night and they got him on security camera tape wandering the halls of the school sleep walk him until the morning art week now was he definitely sleepwalking Ernie had. He did it busted breaking into the school is I honestly. I just called them when when the police got there the boy said that he was sleepwalking. Yet he himself called and I'm 11 to say he was inside the middle school. When they check the video they saw him wandering around it on a broken window now I know sleepwalking is crazy but it seems like the breaking of the window would wake you up. That maybe you're right maybe it's a made up story but I know sleepwalking is this. Very thing may go under and I'm does anything about it and Cindy get to that point. It integrate into the school I could have been back out negatives bank as those as money in my part pan am mislabeled. Though right now. My little girl sleep walks Summers scares me to death sometimes I will stay up all night just to watch her make sure she's as we walk down steps and stow their did you ever find her ruling cookies in her pockets is the same thing goes into the weirdest thing I ever did sleep walking was sleeping eating you know we've never frozen waffle now that is it wasn't that bad. Welcome back to a player Friday what we play for. I hit it rain. I can't clapped yeah. C a total world ranking yet. If you're welcome. Listen listen in the background her sweet readers who we've seen him on the today. Seven savage says if you believe it you know but the fact forehands. I yeah. Where you get up shoveling your requests eventual player Friday speak to create a better time to go to the grocery store with mr. Bill Gates can deceive thing on Ellen the other day I did you know again I don't think it's gonna get how often do you think he goes in the store he does not go to the store or he pushes and food appear he probably had he can build a grocery store next whose house we wanted to and in Terre or down them build another one next and we needed to order cares. But she had a lineup prices right lineup of items. And got groans from the audience when he did know how much rice a Roni cost how much is right through and across I think it's like a dollar something it's a dollar he said five dollar we'll see you thought it was fancier how about a big thing a tide pods he said four dollars door talking to big tide pods a big one. Enough to feed a whole bunch of kids. Actually in nineteen dollars and 97 cents way off on that gas. Dental floss how much is lost since he said four dollars that was the closest event three dollars and seventy cent a job Bill Gates. TGI Friday's spinach dip never bought them my life now he said seven dollars through it's actually 366. Then they had the big bag and tote Tito's pizza rolled it. It Dejan 101 account. He said 22 dollars per bag of pizza role as a high end man actually eight dollars and 98 cents which is a good pro am sorry I think that's pretty good pay welcome news show was a man. Hey I didn't come out and Brittany go to every morning Iran have me. Bombay chi mall life looking. You have batboy in Chubby Checker to let fans pass this. 97 Simon and again I'm still play and all of your request a vegetable plate of Friday will only get one week re LL William Blum. Is there an hour. And get on the rally 3363730987. As the number review Libyan requests on we love to hear from me and arguably. A first move maker. Do would you say Charlie. I am what are we talking about in the you know out in the world out in the dating world whose people out there in the dating world are you a woman who makes the first move now and lay back. I laid back they say here in this survey a look and a women who do make the first move. Are more lucky in love in the long run really but I mean that that's not the that's not the golden rule and not trying to ruin everything for you don't you dare listen to this survey. Who pulpits and I'm good. I don't mean that what do you think about amendment the first Marine Corps without you intimidate ring hit a line that's what I say I don't care you know saves me the hassle of getting turned down all the time as well and turned all the time leader in Iran well every yeah. They say that any any any of that attention like whether it's a smile a nada licking of the hair army she might be swat at a fly and I think he's tension out. I'm in man a hero and an okay fit Texan just keep that in mind this week and whatever you do pay good morning welcome to get a show would subway you. Hey this could see him only he would not picket aren't there. How man that was called on you're gonna hit gallant play confident Kid Rock forming the outlook for him. Now was amazing and thank them you're welcome. The. And peroni.