What women's names have the hightest salaries?

Thursday, January 11th

There are certain women's names associated with the highest salaries. Sean tells Charley & Matty which ones they are...


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Why not a solo work out music from 987 Simon because we play everything banners and forever I know you're welcome banks want to get a show. Is stable for baseball player Friday so if you wanna hear something you hadn't heard of forever think about us tomorrow when you get up numbers 3363730987. If you have one of these names you make the most money that anybody you know. Charlie its arms are it's not on the list but this is one of those things where I wonder if you can affect the outcome the highest earning female names in America. Is Liz. If you if you're named Liz. You typically earn more than any other woman you know. I go if I want a raise I should change my name. Let's right now today at least start telling me Amanda from now on when notes lists are you listening well I don't wanna be at the top or one. And three the joke no foreign man at the whole deal is I think you gotta go somewhere else start over as Liz so we'll miss you. But when watching him make plenty of money later traders. The male name the name among men that earns the most money is Ed. And ED Ed we don't have an edge here I can't think of one new everybody they solicited get a pursue a native lives in Liz. You know what I'm telling you if we can make that change and it actually works now the lowest paid names among females. Are page. Chelsea. And Bethany and certainly it.