What is a W.H.I.P?

Wednesday, August 30th

Sean tells Charley & Matty about the hip new term W.H.I.P that plans to replace the term "Cougar". The crew discusses whether they like the new term and if they'll ever use it. 


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987 Simon we play everything you're more regular shows here launch on film their returners out Joseph Charlie matter here I thought. I ain't one of us in this room might be considered a whip. A win. A whip WH IP a car and lets you know us first thing I thought I'd made it took me a long time to learn that a quip was a car it's me a week did. Hi interesting person I now while you're pretty Smart that's pretty close but actually this is the new cougar term. Whip women who are hot intelligent and in their prior line them up and I said one of us in here was morally clearly it's me. What do you think about that I guess like it better than Jagger actually and his better than the other one did. Can we say milk again I don't like really wanna I don't like that. But this they say is a lot better it's not as you know look to yourself but you're always on the track exactly trying to raid on somebody's gonna to have your creditors you're as you know. This is some people say this because of our PC culture. Did we don't want a thirty by his feelings by calling them. A cougar right I'm hurt my feelings just like this better is little more complimentary the days is women who are hot. In intelligence and in their prime but it seems more letters in them whip like oh man. Who got a little bit. I'm intelligent Brian what it well actually missed that he's right it should be. We'll look. The he teed. That's your realist and I. They're network the hospital but it over there usually is so loose. Again. He is it.