What do dads want for father’s day?

Friday, June 15th

Sean tells Charley and Matty about what are the most likely gifts dads will receive on father’s day.

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It's get a show on 987 Simon welcome to eventual player Friday for all the dads listen out there and you know anybody really mom skewed stat heads. No snakes no breeze 730987. As the number of Father's Day is coming Sunday and I know that most people aren't even going to bother to shop until Sunday at some point. I'd you know I admit I really met this year to be good and had done and now I haven't. The you know I've I've not had to worry about it most of my life. Because you know my dad's been almost Muller but I do buy from my father lowly and are still cool right. They say that most people are gonna spend about a 133 dollars per dad out there this year a concert or sporting event or hot items this year dad taking him out to dinner. Nearly half of people are gonna do that take about some place. And then there is close which we know what that is now see don't do close. You like him but I love how one underwear and socks I know we you're reared. They also do gift cards they asked a new electronic. Which is tough because most ads I though if it comes out they want it. They've already got aria might as the wars. Automotive accessories tools appliances sporting goods from. Books will also be high on the list for Father's Day this year a book. And I won that act like you never know what kind of book I read that socks there you go it could be a book about Sox. I love motives of if you replace them tiger more excited in order that you won't straight into in the state may have Morse was stood.