What costume would you wear?

Thursday, December 7th

A University of Alabama student tweeted a picture of herself wearing a Christmas Tree costume and said if she got 10 thousand retweets, she would wear it to class for the rest of the year.  This begs the question, "What costume would you wear everyday?" Sean, Charley, & Matty weigh in...


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My music Guns 'N Roses style in 9877. To just see where Hugh Jackman says he turned down James Bond so he can be Wolverine an accident not a bad call I don't know how many of them will never know now we're always I think he'd be a fantastic James Bond but he that has made a lot of money be in lumbering yet he was perfect for Wolverine off Logan made me cry. Was about what you did you guys see the University of Alabama student who went on Twitter and said if her picture in a Christmas tree costume got shared a thousand times. She Wear that costume to her classes for the whole rest of the semester. Well. It was shared 101000. Times in two days. Yeah I know I think she really wanted to do that because in today's day and age as the kids today. Jenna yes I unplugged and but it's real I mean if it is it might get blank and I have to do this it's gonna go viral you want us in zoo. And I think that it's a great idea because NASA doesn't have to think about what toward class everyday and grab that all Christmas singing at invesco Smart I think you need steamy after a couple weeks and. No it just doesn't costumes are hot there at NASA's jet factory out. I don't know she really thought it was gonna do it because if you look at the picture of her wearing her Christmas tree custom which is very Smart costume looks good she does not look happy about that. Mean if you had to Wear costumes every day for the rest of the year what would it be a snagging. Not really constant below what would you I wouldn't mind where might he Rex got estimate there are got a little hard to breed are you kidding me we almost had to do CPR oh do you India think that they get every day's ago an idea who you are flushed in past and now I definitely whereby Elvis concert she would make me laugh every day. About the law. Get a lot more naps.