What Can Vodka Do For You

Tuesday, November 28th

Vodka isn't always needed for consumption. Sean runs off the top benefits of Vodka outside of consuming it. From curing infections to cleaning.


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The real early to bring you the best because we know you demand UN centers they have rulers know you know keep their bag about the drug by car in case I ever after runaway you know I give everything yes you have a bag of tricks is go bag in my getaway bag. I don't have so men there then need to add to this story just came out yesterday and it's blowing my mind what does it. Vodka is a must have for any major first aid kit says a survival expert no yeah. She says not only is it the solution to most if not all of life's problems yes. It can also come in real handy in Europe first aid kit here are some things that vodka can do for you. Treat poison ivy really. Treated jellyfish sting always young sterilized needle. It treats ear infections like you can use it as a hands sanitized them. All you can start a fire when it. You can garlic for his sore throat didn't guard that's the thing it. The epithet. Music and a hot hobby to cure jetlag and others well 81 aid kit at the I may have hated me why did you first photo they'll put it on your forehead to lower fever and a lot on just four. Yes I just runs down. It feels blisters on your feet by the same technique by pouring it over your self. No way did you just makes you forget all these things not existed put it under your nose to block out stinky companions. Well let us the right below that I don't let I'll put it undermine president martini glass that. In my amount you can listed in the air keep mosquitos away and take. A few shots to kill any bacteria in any weird food you might have these ladies and why is she wasting all my thought. They got lovers is obvious that got lots of bog down.