What Are Some Red Flags for Valentine's Day?

Monday, February 5th

Sean gives Charley and Matty some advice on some red flags for Valentine's Day


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It. 987 Simon is gonna show happy Mondays today after the Super Bowl over by had a great time now that banks Super Bowl is out of our life instead of fully focus on Valentine's Day which has come and real real soon know at night and I don't know win or how many days you have nothing. Red flags used to watch out for your relationship oh on Valentine's Day I know one person in this room is in a new relationship that is like white hot like a poker and it will be our first Valentine's Day together well I was say in who was a case you know it was just you. Now. As I know that. Here's here's one. If they say I love you for the first time on Valentine's Day only because it's Valentine's Day now a bigger babies just coincidence flannel suit the wrong with the as long as they say it or even if they just at the moment. Ditto number two. If they know Valentine's Day is important to you but they don't make any effort to get excited back that's a red flag. Ours has been the opposite of that like. Usually it's the growth and about Valentine's Day is more expected to and I am. That might be one too. Don't care if they act like the fate of your relationship depends on your Valentine's Day plans Alibaba. And a well you gonna say in it. Be careful out there now. If they give you a generic thoughtless Valentine's Day gift like what is heart shaped little boxes and truck are the bear the magnate and others are cute isn't roast in the gestation with facilities inside I'd be happy with impunity that's. Or here's one that probably should make you mad but it's a red flag if they buy you a super expensive extravagant Valentine's Day gift that doesn't seem appropriate for where you are your relations OK if they overboard it yeah is is there anything bad about overboard and not got under my Lexus yeah. Thank you for them.