What Are Coffee Goggles?

Wednesday, May 2nd

Matty explains to Charley and Sean what coffee goggles are


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You've heard of beer goggles but in the morning and there's something else coffee goggles well. It's well. Apparently. And me these figures that you get along with their coworkers better because you're seeing them through coffee goggles is what our coffee uncle. Well it's the whole idea that. When you drink coffee before conversation helps you focus and makes them feel more positively. Upheaval you're talking. Their copies hit your lips and like I feel great you're talking and talking a like. Hate to save it. You know it actually make it says what is copies when my doesn't have to be good coffee. Not a QB this freeze free crap because your dad because that's regular worker hit you know what though I think we need bigger cups that yeah. That I think we've bigger crowds are bigger pot smoke because when you go in there and a lot more of that copy when the when you go there the pot is in the it really takes away those goggles and you just panel and paid a lot more coffee around I series you know it's interesting yes it goes passes its target. Paula I'm going to be interest in his daughters I thought I. I get it yeah. That's cold coffee work connected. Reason. For doing not the name isn't. Sorry.