Were You Raised Right?

Wednesday, April 11th

Sean, Charley and Matty talk about a reddit thread that ask what's a sign to you that show someone was raised right. 


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You can tell somebody raised right by the way they talk to their mama is what I always heard. That's true I agree with that. There's a credit thread that started where they ask what's assigned to you that someone was raised right a crack to their replies include. I'm just saying thank you. Oh at any time somebody does something for ER I think. Thank you what about saying you're welcome after a thank you and added element I need to get better at that you always say. No worries. Yeah or cheers. And has that's a daily daily he loves a hipster phrase. Right holding doors open for people map and interns say in any era and someone opened the door for you gotta do it if the people are kind to waiters cashier's reception yes service people. They don't leave trash behind at a concert or movie for someone else to clean up. Or out in the parking lot at let's say or radio station when meet their fast food they don't leave bags of trash right beside her car no they throw it in the woods. People who waving you wouldn't give them space to merger turn in front of. The way it's because I feel like that's gone at the hole and it's. I do it you gotta be you gotta do way I think when someone like if someone that your house for a meal when they offered weekly LB cleanup afterwards yeah they don't just get done in sales but. Am it was any but I never let them if they offer to clean it must now do that loan that's right I'll knock people out of the way and judicious I guess Sony brownie points dot loves being you know what you're invited to my house yeah you can't eat anything but there's stuff out to be I don't. I'll just fill me. A type of redundant given I can find. It's mainly bill.