Want To Set A World Record?

Friday, September 8th

Many world records come in different forms, such as in sports & or in physical appearances. Sean tells Charley & Matty the process of breaking one and he shares a couple of stories about the lady with the world's longest nails. 


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987 diving play and everything in a very top secret way don't you dare tell anybody has scheduled a Friday she's 63363730987. If you wanna get a request. If you ever want again to Guinness book of world records there's so many ways to get into it there's a record for everything they're truly is you've got to have here's the thing though. You have to pay per one of those guys to come all the way from England to document the whole thing you have to have witnesses off I was you got to pay for it yes okay there's there's the chargers let yet to be in the book. I can't remember how many thousands of dollars it was we were gonna do one time. Well honestly. If you've gone through the effort of trying to grow your fingernails out there where there eighteen feet long you might as located in the book you or your eyelash. Is four point 88 inches long can. And that just like yes now this is eyeglasses but the dog does not bestow what rights Wednesday and run and just kind of dreaming. This one did as the old his body builders he's 83 years and six days old into is that cat with the longest tale is sick and back at any notes in the book. Listen back to that lady with those fingernails that is fascinating to me a total length of eighteen feet of fingernail she's been grown for 23 years actually eight T three. I know what kind of stuff she's put on those things because my emails would never get that she says that she uses anti bacterial soap and a nail brush to clean them every day so don't worry about him being filthy and disgusting like you think there are but certainly see those long really long nails there all around like they're gross she says that the most challenging part about having the longest fingernails in the world is Colin upper pants. I would imagine it's. I very one dimensional player Friday was don't know yet how about smoker requested back center virtual play god he will absolutely just for you up. About crowd wearing a union that nice moment.