Want a robot that will fold your clothes?

Thursday, January 11th

There is a new robot available that will fold your laundry for you! Sean tells Charley and Matty about it, but they aren't so sure it's a good idea...


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It's simply everything is some people's favorite Joseph Johnson evidence everybody's favorite TV's on you know management. Not really. Don't go break in my heart please. It's the first fully automated laundry folding robot the launch early. Has been introduced to the world. It's a shame that we all party name that dog leotard best product when he eight. Just as much better by not only is Kevin on the island I thought that was mine mom and her. Yeah. I admire write these very. 161000 dollars sort of Folger were your laundry what it's a bit much I think I can hire made for cheaper than that you could in fact and I animal go ahead and plug my laundromat yeah. I do the wash drafts folder and yes. Village laundry out of college road and heroin just so you know this man does not do his own laundry he takes it all. If the laundromat and lets them do it or have that's true I used to feel funny about the underwear in the Sox but not anymore. Because I've given them so much of my money over the years what do you do with that room where your your Washington are supposed to be that's where the dirty clothes pile up before it. Eight they're the stack up on the wash your driving you have exactly leaders say that I wasn't do loaded howls because by a little girl likes hot towels she likes the hot towel I'll. Yet so we'll do that once it was huge delay in the hot tells you can get a robot that just as towels that would be fun. The long Droid has a sleek design that news it blended with the rest of your furniture concealing its multiple robot arms. Tell me cameras and sensors on the inside the Audrey Roebuck cost 161000. Dollars. But they say you know as they start selling these things is people start by autumn of their hope eventually. The price to drop down to about 2000. And everyone else. World.