Want to hear some bad... JOKES?!

Friday, April 20th

Sean, Charley, and matty listen and tell some really bad... jokes.

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We live. Actual play of Friday every one clay so much so it is really great. 3363730987. Is our number this reminds me of my friend. Frank Moore. There are near Burlington he does the best owl call you have ever heard a really we should. Call him up and have him do and what can bring owls from out of the woods just by doing the owl call it's amazing. Als in the news. SE ND UCLA lately I don't know because there is an office building there where some owls were hatched right now likely to have their nests and everything right outside the window. And now all the elves the were born just sit there in the window and stares of people working. That would be the coolest thing I. I would get no work done because of the baby owls don't you find als fascinating idea and now are they actually like at eight facing Al but their heads turned around visiting other acts. You don't yet when you cross a cat and an album I am a media howl. You know let a bird's favorite Beatles song news what does it Wyatt Howell you need is love this. You know it's called baby owl and a suit of armor was it a night now since I can't leave you to know that. You don't call a grumpy old war it's a growl. Still don't make noise and sorry and it that I thought was supposed to be enjoying that either laugh or don't doesn't Soupy Sales totaled thank you notes Colin Powell magician. Well I Houdini. This. Really don't yell at him for that and I I just Hanoi is okay last one for now. Are your influence as. The notes you call one of those UCLA baby owls swimming. Lure it was a moist towel. So this is my fastest coming back to the campus of looks community college. Born decent music moments and memories.