Waiting on a Woman?

Wednesday, September 7th

How much time do men really spend waiting on their women?  Sean, Charley, and Matty find out!


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987 Simon play and everything Wednesday morning would get a showed shown here there's Charlie there many out there and here would you say you're Chaka holly. No you're addicted to chop the hall are usually shop Pollack are you addicted to shop well and I've got it. They say that men spend three weeks of their lives waiting for their spouses and job. Three weeks doesn't sound like a whole lot over the course of a lifer when you break it down to each shopping trip. It says that the average mammals spend about 23 minutes of each shopping trip standard awkwardly outside the store or outside the change a room. Those in low places got a nice chair. I can't remember the last time I ever had to go shopping with somebody other than my daughter now is just painful is no I do it my old girl's great she's in and out OK let's go zip zip zip I want that I want that we're out of here at least mine would do that and a car don't wait that much are you making a man paid. By going shopping no way enlightened. In my myself. Rolling out now at some point you're gonna have to drag a poor man in there who's gonna wanna use arm off to escape why it's it's part of the. I don't like to take people to do things that make them miserable I want them. I wow I don't wanna go with him dig a hunting or whatever and he doesn't have and he is heavy on me shopping this is unheard of in our licenses. And unicorn. And those men who Wear out their shopping and hate every second Everett they also say one of the number one things they hate about shop in what appears to have another is is student botnets store. And I didn't make that up right now and act that is ridiculous and it backs up the whole thing we've said all along yeah. Women be shy and. He's got it. And right what he's okay. I'd like to know.