Waffle House Employee Does A Good Deed

Tuesday, March 13th

Sean tells Charley and Matty about a Waffle Employee that went the extra mile for a customer and recieved some good news.


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It was going on Sean Charlie Manning barely get up Joseph here's a story we love and Lamar Texas there's a way to work at a Waffle House or she's a waitress. And her video's gone viral. Which did a good deed and now it's come back way off. There's an old man sitting there at the camera. And he says to her my hands are not functioning too well. Today eighteen year old girl have a me. Helped him out by cotton up his hand forms and so that he could eat his ham and somebody was sit nearby and video that. She was just touched by the gesture. The lady who took the pictures and video answered I don't know the lady's name but I heard this elderly man tell her his hands weren't working too good. He was on oxygen struggling to breathe. Without hesitation. She took his plate and began cutting up his ham this may seem small to him. I'm sure it was huge. That is a big deal how many people would just walk away a little stormy weather will she did the right thing. Yeah and as a result she's been given a 161000. Dollar scholarship from Texas southern university of horrific and she's got a special counselor whose gonna help percent of the rock enrollment process to get started school. Because she does the right thing she didn't know that was done this kind of hand she even knows that she was just doing the right thing how much better is that. In the go funny pages. Hey I'm doing nothing and please give me what I had to do something it's more organic you know I like that seeing god related do it valuation Juneau she's being filled out an email and good on you.