Voodoo Dolls of Your Boss

Tuesday, March 13th

Sean tells Matty and Charley how keeping a voodoo doll of their boss can make their workday better.


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Study says voodoo dolls of the boss make employees happier news today. You guys wouldn't pogo on a looter and all manner I don't know I argue about when you push on it might make a noise. You. Active moves like they did a 229 employees participated in a study and they were asked to think of workplace interaction that evolved is involved you know kind of not too cool. Behavior from a superior or boss yeah and then they were allowed to take out their frustrations on a voodoo doll with their boss's name on it. They stuck pins and it. They burned it with candles. And they out they pinched it was pliers. That's just I mean you know bra. I promise you that you're stabbing pains have nothing to do with my my rooted well good luck voodoo doll I mean policy it and it's a Ken doll nicely and it's. I'd just I'd feel like that it's a way for people to get their frustrations out and not keep it all bottled inside I think it's great a third of the study's participants had lower feelings of injustice and said they were. Less likely to feel bitter about their supervisor. After they've pinched on a doll with pliers I think they've got bigger problems than that I think once you pass the job interview that should be in your entrance package you get the dollars. I that's okay here's your door keys here's your voodoo all of your boss and here's your flyers.