A unique story about moondust.

Wednesday, June 13th

Charley shares a story with Sean and Matty about an owner of moondust and how she got it.

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LO 987 Simon we play everything was up get our shows here and show on film it pertains to salad Joseph there's Charlie. Others ran very well when I think of summertime always think of that song from meat balls. Let's blame it on the moon. Instead. Well the love song for meat balls listen there's an actual moon dust story in the news today you can't believe. There is this woman named her name now as Lar. Yeah Chico but her name was armory when she was ten years old. And her mother gave her a little small glass vials filled with. Movement down into. An eraser that's what it is yes because I came straight from Neil. Here you put it this way they don't tell anybody where you got it it's new debt it's not what was it had a negative test it was from Neil Armstrong because it. Her father and Neil Armstrong or friends can answer he gave me this little vial of moon dust well. In all this time it's been put away and whenever and a story came out about a lady who tried to sell some rocks I. Just in it and NASA like basically they took brother just smacked down and the drugs away Burke as a is that they were stolen. So this lady decided to be proactive. And soon NASA. So that they won't take away Herman dust right. But they weren't trying to take away her man and that's why bring it up they had no idea she had me Endesa now and they do now uptick as I bet you didn't know anything about. Maybe now it's just go and snort. Well now what moment did they get.