Uber can tell if you’re drunk.

Wednesday, June 13th

Sean, Matty, and Charley talk about a new way uber can tell if you’re drunk prior to the pickup.

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The savage and give up show play and everything good morning show on here and Charlie Mattie appeared to. Boomers getting smarter and smarter aren't there I don't know I don't know how I feel about this one. Because it's a whole reason I use uber why are you because now they've got artificial intelligence that can tell if you're drunk by the way you hold your. Well known yet before they even come and pick you up they say that angled it's being held how to customers walking while holding it. And it's kind of place where the red is requested. We'll let you know if there possibly intoxicated Ciba that's drunk profiling because I think I'm a little bit you know clumsy when my phone anyway. It should be very much so what you could actually been drunk the way it's early but I mean like I said that's the main reason I use ever is when I want to go out and eating have a few drinks and I need to write and yes so and that's where a lot of people uses so. I guess you can see we're like it is you are using your own car so maybe you don't win a super drug person. These guys seeing some of the videos of two just super drunk people harassed and over drivers and it that is awful but they see another rate than to stop and take you out. Well what they're saying is they they want to use this information. So they can put drivers who have had. Training to deal with you people. Low low low low. And I'm sure I'm Harry Harris and I didn't page adding yeah you see little wonder then why now they're trying to do their job to get home they don't want to get your life I'm. Like I sit in front seeing my towel and I know they don't want to rent it.