traditional weddings aren't so traditional anymore.

Friday, February 23rd

Sean tells Matty and Charley about the new top wedding food and drink trends that'll save money in your pockets!


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987. Simon we play everything well I'll make it and we're going to be all right what an eventual player Friday show on Charlie and Matty here in. If you think it right get married it's going to be a good time to do it brokers have been looking at the top waiting food trends though yet cheap man every people again out on the cheap now the top trends. Don't give your view of him. Pretzel bars at the reception like big salted pretzels with outings I was thinking of it rolled. Like midnight snacks like grilled cheeses and many ice cream cones and sounds good I know that this is like more of you know football game this is that wedding food went out tailgating now this is at a wedding. Floral cocktails instead of bouquets on all the tables know and drink with a flower and now Heredia threw that in the air. Gets you good I thought that Iowa would rather drag it. Being in food Booth. Low key cakes. This is all over pay interest that has been a big thing my sister did Whoopi pies is that a true a wedding cake gas well they say the biggest thing for wedding cakes now is like a one layer flat cake simple white icing and pigs. Quite pigs pigs until onion cookie place and the number. I wondered how well. And a number what covered Carmel for your way to get ready to take the number one thing for weddings this year. Is pizza like a pizza buff Fay which I'm picture in CC GCI. And geez did that yeah for five and change it graduated to two crazy kids in Iowa but dimensional player try to look what Playboy. That you won't play but there are a report limit its are black and Iraq but the PGA world reunion so critical so well. Is a very cool song and I'll give you one Crist American dollars if you could sing every word of the song. Good luck. It's. Maybe no listing them.