Top Christmas Songs

Tuesday, December 5th

With the holiday season in full effect, Sean & Charley list the top most successful Christmas songs of all time.


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We'll get up show play and everything on 987 Simon Chris O'Meara there this morning and I do hope we get some snow check with your nearest writ had a mask. You know usually come around here until January or February oh stop saying and I definitely saw a snowflake on mobile iPhone forecast and a and then it was gone I have with me right here at the most successful biggest money making Christmas songs of all time. Throw out of what are your favorite Christmas songs I'll tell you how it did all I want for Christmas is still number one most money making Christmas song of all time really Mariah Carey song yes and you hear it. Everywhere all the time Xanadu did. The early another wanna white Christmas. White Christmas has got to be on here it is number eleven by her Irving Berlin made famous by Bing Crosby of yours. We'll do top nine sleigh ride is beginning to look a lot like Christmas most wonderful time of the year jingle bell rock number five. George Michael classic last Christmas which has also been redone thousands. Literally house rock and around the Christmas tree by Johnny marks is number four. Let its note Aimee and that is number three holly jolly Christmas is number two and we told you the number one is all I want for Christmas is you. This looks like a great time to pull out the Simon we'll songs are given to spend. And see which one we playoff hole do it there's so much stuff on here. Jingle bells is number two warning on the biggest moneymakers. Wonderful Christmas time Paul McCartney number 25 what about blue Christmas blue Christmas is number 24. On the list was spit in the windows utilities we get to play for her. There is blue prison is already a tremendous. Oh there goes my Christmas winter wonderland believes that. I think management and it lands on pay there's when there wasn't even on the list that we don't care can land in what ever we want on 98 cents. Sir Robert Earl. Yeah.