The Top 7 Sexiest Traits!

Thursday, September 28th

Sean tells Charley & Matty the 7 most sexiest traits women find in men, according to recent studies! 


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We play everything on 987 Simon happy Thursday just a day away from virtual player Friday around here and it's already feels good I'm already excited about that money. You need to tell us Charlie yes these are the seven sexy traits of the most irresistible men okay. I feel like Matty and I have all of the health care artists present myself to the Pentagon today. So it and he has mastered. What they call the wing. Old line it. Do you weigh now you if I ever catch myself wink and I think I've just been cheesy I don't I don't think I went. Tom do I know there have been some very. Rare times when a guy has done a link that it is hot but it's not un as a whole not really she's talking my view mute rare occurrence number two this is definitely us he radiates coma. Yeah. I never freaked. He takes care of himself mostly. He's stylish yes c'mon man is definitely that's very important and says here and I don't want any other man in the room of the enemy to feel phony about it but the same. Shirt and pair of jeans every day. They say might not be as sexy as you think purple and all it's that same shirt OK you have to expect a handsome manly scent yes there if it yeah I had. I'm get over here thinks he's affectionate. And hunt and they say expressing your feelings. You know being able to say those three words is a big thing. Yes but not within the first week the deck. And that detonating their lives that it you know that's great word and straight as and that indeed they are and I think you could say that I and defied the final what is. He laughs loudly labs hard and he laughs office.