Top 10 Superpowers We Want To Have

Wednesday, May 2nd

Due to the success of superhero movies a poll was done to see what is the top 10 superpowers we would like to have, Sean Charley and Matty discuss them.


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What's the deal you have with what's your superpower is this is is this a list not I have one in mine into top ten list of the top ten superpowers we wanna Havoc if course and with the and vendors entity you wore out it was talking about it though so I number one isn't visibility from being able to fly time travel tell importation. Super healing abilities. The ability to communicate telepathically could you only have one because a few of these together would be boss when that Superman a lot of these I would love to be invisible and travel through time are they healing abilities only for yourself for kidney he'll other people he got to be able to heal other people literally you've written. You have that Alec tactics they hiding LIN I I I can read off of painter. And I'm repeating math. Get me string words together shape shifting super strength being another winning immortality. I would want to a degree of himself super intelligence also an already got it yeah. It's they said it extreme vision didn't make it fired manipulation suitors he did what would you do with fire manipulation watches an eight. The market can't burn things is that your grill. Watch this 80 are you do you have a cigarette amounts. I have a Buick being the favorite person of parties I know woods is not practical I don't go to parks. Laughed as. But you know if I was invisible internal through time. Imagine. The size of my collection. Ali have so I'll wow I would have the original chitty chitty bang back. Also like slides and I have super you retreat followed the lips and all of the voters didn't want to. Three. Mr. Rupert.