Top 10 Cheat Sheet!

Wednesday, March 15th

Having no luck with a woman fellas? Well no worries, Charley has come to the rescue! Of course... Sean and Matty had to hear it too. Check out the top 10 things to impress a woman!


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Says we play everything I get a show good good morning and things can only get better I love a song with a positive message like that not Charlie is here to help us. Be better men what is this the tops and what to do what. Answer talk things that top ten things that mention due to impress a partner at the beginning a relationship when you first started dating. Right the things that you should do to impress or don't pass gas. If you only could stop using profanity and corrupts and and maintain a clean house and I ten yet strip here excess body hair. Hitting cut back on fast food apparent that what is God's doing anything is seeking impress your lady. Well I'm not going to be eating fast food in front of my lady anyway that's after a dropper often home and are almost in beer reeking of oh OK nada. Senators that's after you drop Saturday and off viewers right price. So when you purchase expensive Cologne to cover up the tested now wait that's a good thing you do purchase the Cologne yes the bigger. You should watch entire episodes of popular shows that he had something to talk about miss a start dieting. I don't want to all of these are great. Should claim to be interested in politics. And should claimed to be interested in environmental issues while so does their role in my life. They are going to be dating bit. Gee sounds.