Too Provocative for School

Monday, September 19th

Matt and Sean says, have you heard about the HOT teacher in Georgia?

Or the too sexy for school cheerleaders, adds Charley.


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987 Simon and get up so appreciate you being here this more and things are going great in schools that lady in Atlanta teacher in Atlanta some who were saved she loses because a military. And is she shouldn't Wear that real tight dress. Think there's anything wrong it's the parents make a big deal out of it it's it's so obvious negative ridiculous. Right now there was nothing wrong with now. Publicity this one from Utah is a brand new and cheerleaders at one school in Utah were banned from wearing uniforms to school. After one male students had been made him have impure thoughts. Oh wow what Mormon school is this Willie I think you brought right if it's your thoughts about the that's all right on that but that's. But the wind kids said that. And so all 44 girls on the un troops on the cheerleading squad were told not to Wear the uniforms or Friday before we get it won't let me kick dating game either. And Jesse king against. Maybe he should stay at home and they should warn unify us and I'm thinking you're cheerleader yeah. Yes was it did you guys always Wear uniforms a game today. I'm we did that I will say our uniforms weren't quite as revealing as some of them are now we didn't have the little major ones your pants cause schools there. Snow and they didn't get our angle either riots like those 18100 brains yeah. Dressed as it goes I saw her and it goes I noticed excuse me sky Arnold and are there. My goodness. What did you pick any of those guys Greg and ever had an impure thoughts soared PDs your ankle. Good on their old bicycle computing where soon. Yeah.