Toilet Water Or Bottled Water?

Thursday, March 15th

Sean tells Charley and Matty about a blind taste test that involves toilet water, tap water and bottled water.


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I have a blind taste test to tell you about OK people have found that a certain kind of water is just as tasty as bottled water. A separate water now toilet water. And blind taste test this is worse than a blind taste test is a blind and stupid pace today brand ever happen this in your mouth. Yeah I think that's very close your eyes and open your mouth and trust me although I will say that the water that goes into the toilet. After things well I doubt is quite well let me just tell you it's been recycled and it has been filtered so in the first ever. Blind taste test of toilet to tap water volunteers said they preferred it. Two regular tap order this is at university California. They said they had to accept drinking water that comes directly from toilets and it's recycled toward the water is safe to drink because it has no harmful components. Now solved flushed out before hitters drinking supply. Yes I these new toilets like never used or may not freshly is it's all filtered. You know to know that's not the issue they placed through recycled water tap water commercially bottled water in three identical cups that were not labeled. 143. People took the taste test there were asked to rank it in some were surprised to win tap water showed their least preferred option. Recycled and bottled water. We're pretty much even but the toilet water came out slightly on top of you have been due to the bathroom that shows you that your dog was right on. Fewer.