Toilet Paper Shortage?

Tuesday, October 3rd

After the story of a Jacksonville elementarty school's budget crisis, Sean tells Charley & Matty about the toilet paper shortage they have, and what they have to go through to save tissue paper.


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Hey good good morning news get a show on 97 Simon we're so happy you're where this is more of what would you think if your kids came home from school and said. Mom and dad. They don't give us toilet paper at school anymore why it's we have to ask for toilet paper special because they don't put it in the bathroom and then an auto today. There was a budget problem at the school in Jacksonville Florida which came budget for quotes ever no no here's the thing. They said that there's the toilet paper was being misused and wasted while I get that kids who wasted all the time well I bet they don't waste in the way we used to it EM Rollins elementary school where we would get it good handful of toilet paper kids don't privacy your school you'll control. Get a good handful toilet paper planet when it down real real good. And then throw this alien yeah it would stick in drip oh what a feeling that I have what is the eBay are let's say the so it's at the school in Florida. People were freaking out so bad because you had to go if you go to the bathroom you had to go to the teacher and she would dispense you a wad a handful of toilet paper detail we know what that's not enough will they have an answer to that. They had like a monitor in the bathroom a student. Who was there with the role who can hand you another handful it will paper if you decided now or more now so guess that the vast amount they. But at oh awful you guys get ready for a career like begat the strip clubs are handout Manson Cologne and see how much money those guys have they have a wad of money don't have masters attendants. So one mom took her kid out of school to another school and sent money that you're new school. There's going to be toilet paper in the bathroom. And yes.