Tim Tebow

Friday, September 9th

Sean talks about Tim Tebow and his recent move to the New York Mets with Charley and Matty.


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Out redhead right there are Basra 987 soccer limb and we play everything here orbits will play a Friday on semester sports music and got big sports. Come off Isaac before music OK okay we'll Tim Tebow your favorite foot gaga. There's just signed a contract. With the New York Mets lol what do you believe that they actually did that he's playing with the farm team out of port saint Lucie Florida I checked they play the Charlotte team so he'll be around play in next season that's cool and in Winston-Salem news sports news Jeff. As soon Winston-Salem is bringing back a hockey seem. About in that's when seventeen season. And for people who are old hockey fans in Winston and bring him back at thunderbirds to name all I can remember hearing about that. I've I think employ their old jerseys out of the back of your closet and back on the rate was screened for what they think checkers like a silent I was. All is monarch and finally one less port story. You've got to not wanna go for this news Fort Hood men ensco is trying to start he was going out to women who were jogging and asking for piggyback ride this. News of the day we arrested after bothered several women so that's not gonna take off I don't think that's an actual sport of stuff let me go. Hey good morning to welcome back to a player Friday. He asked what theories I have been please call every morning here and it. And short people. You enjoyed assume it's anyone especially once I mean. Yet he can't let me ask people afraid that they him. Is that true that everybody waiting is still on blogs and overtake slam full of them. Yeah. We'll tell you weekend. Eighteen.