Things You Should Wash...But You Don't!

Friday, October 20th

Good housekeeping says you don't clean these things because you never have! Sean, Charley, & Matty run down the list of household items, areas, and appliances you need to clean!


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We play everything on 98 that Simon good morning from the get a show don't forget another 2000 dollar keywords you can take their money and walked leisurely with a you don't have your eyes and a little bit before 11 o'clock this Morgan another one of those now just in time for Halloween. The nine scariest. Places in your house a Lara because they're filthy good housekeeping and says you've got to watch these things you won't do it because you've never done it like your gym bag and I. The funky she goes melon stuff out there watching Jim back I would have to actually worked out to make its authority there you go. What about the tops of lamps you ever play the top of the lamp. I'm Eric if you're dusting things and gaps between appliances that that's roads and when you move out move and appliance yeah how about. Fridge drawers and shelves signs and every once in awhile you got to really take them out though you got to take them all the way out the fridge get him in the sink to really get that whatever it is only answer I mean that's stuff is hard. You're washing machine do you wash washing machine never thought flushing itself it's what message is like so. You know you can't get so dirty continue perhaps their error and keyboard do you watch your keyboard now here's what I know you don't watch your brooms. And now we know see how scary this is as good what about your canvas shopping bags. Those filthy Macy's was washed him every time remote store. Heard it less stuff it's in there isn't the leaks number one and the number one most scary dirty is thing in your house remote control. Kids are so terrifying you know what you do when you go to hotel room you put the remote control in a sandwich bag I brought never met and never advertise the remote welcome casual player Freddie was going well. Hi good morning our caller requests my paper probably Copacabana. Spots. Mr. mesh. That is not absolute favorite song and say I'm looking here. I.