Things you should not do at a job interview

Tuesday, February 27th

Matty, Sean and Charley discuss things you shouldn't do at a job interview such as, asking the interviewer to taste his/her coffee.


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Need to see get a show on 97 Simon play in everything folks head into work right now commenting about a new job what not to do want a job interview what will tell you here's some examples. Probably shouldn't go and ask for a cocktail whom I guess depict what. It's a caller I like this. Sure I like this one because a candidate as they could tasty interviewers coffee. Now you'll really get what you got to know the office cop he's dead in the backyard. Some attentive Ryder interviewer by getting them pumpkins. They claim they transferred good energy who say got pulled his keys out of his pocket and a bag of drugs fell out. Oops in on this. For the first five minutes what guy just leaned forward with a head down. Ha he's BC we'll have any context and I'm picks I'm trying to give each of these people the benefit of the doubt maybe it was a long commute to the job interview. I was fixer like a standard night mr. so and so you're interviewing for such as such job paid once upon skins money in radio someone once asked me what would I do it like breasts and kind testers in my dynamite. What do plus I pulled my keys gunman drugs. IPad app and any right is that gonna drink it's got me. The last scenario like this it was set up to their rated beautiful Darth Vader custom where I guess if you're going to work at an amusement park to be great but. Yes you're right but see I mean all of these could be good any of those big could be a positive right in there on where your interview we need time tanks definitely man I've now you know what. I can go for Republicans of coffee and I pulled on my mind right.