Thanksgiving Pants

Thursday, November 16th

Ever in the need for the perfect pair of Thanksgiving pants? Well, Sean, Charly, and Matty discuss where you can find them and how they'll make Thanksgiving 10 times better!


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It's seven Simon and get a show we play everything for everybody see you can have a wonderful time. Anyway in a lot of people out there are a lot of businesses out there have clothing with their name on it we were talking about the cocoa close we used to give back in the day I guess I love those pizza judges came out with some taco bells got those ones these McDonald's KFC all have them now. Stove top stuffing has pants well there are expanding pay and so they're perfect for Thanksgiving we'll see that's what I was looking at here they look pretty neat they're like regular roles stretchy pants yet a top. Looks like hefty serving. Of stove top stuffing it looks like a big wide waist Boehner is is this like maternity pay they get this out at 8 o'clock o'clock so it similar muffins up is a big bat to stuffing it adds but here's what I'm thinking these are like a dream come true if that's really like elastic that's a big wide piece of elastic. This is the control top I've been dreaming up. I don't know about the year right Carol I think it sounds more like a maternity pay it well it doesn't really hold a belly in just a little Rascal out his dad into it. He's drips in Canada do you mean that I could have been Wear maternity pants all this time. Yes it's and achieve the same thing they also come with great big pockets they could stuff left averaged in the you ain't got a great idea because you don't eat every thing you want in front of everybody up. Another well you gotta make I didn't you tell you to go rolling fill it up the revenue America god. I I is that you lose me. Look at overnight it got put him gritty yet there has been good lap and I have it set Thanksgiving dinner pants dot com I love the web site only to play about. What this I'm get in stove top stuffing pants instead of potato man. It's.