Terrorizing Turkeys

Wednesday, August 30th

Sean shares a crazy story with Charley & Matty about a community in New York who's being terrorized by aggressive turkeys and their plans on stopping them. 


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How can. We've got the number 987 Simon and give up show what's happened we're all here I don't what should be on the look out for me Turkey's. 'cause I told you those turkeys out O'Brien boulevard they don't know how to act every time we get a Turkey stories as the mayor feels health cost it what did you hear about the ones in New York where they say it's a public safety issues these turkeys have overrun a neighborhood. In in upstate New York like keep fighting Turkey what they're sick and listen to what the guy says they've gotten very territorial and aggressive yeah I loved to chase people so he's saying. We need the community to come together stop feeding the turkeys and if they still continue to come around we need to harass them and push them out. Yeah I don't know what happens if you that the Turkey's chasing you and you just up if it catches you what's it gonna do. What's got a great big roasted pay and pull out revenge.