Team USA Uses Cheat Sheets?!

Wednesday, February 14th

Charley,Matty and Sean discuss how Team USA's snowboarding team keeps a cheat sheet of translations in there jacket while they're competing in the Winter Olympics.


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Watch in the Olympic some you might not know. Inside the team USA snowboarding jackets they've got cheat sheets what do you mean what they've got a little sheet in there and it tells them the difference in the temperature how they cannot do these cells cells used apparent height chart. So they know exactly what temperature really is. They have a list of English phrases translated to Korean but they're not phonetic like it just shows in Korea and palace and if they're that. But here's the list I am an American athlete do you speak English so I guess you could you could say it and point to it. You know yeah are they can just call up Ryan Lochte and ask him for eggs and it dies off workers have up. The line here's some more stuff on the cheap cheap inside the USA teams snowboarding jackets can you help me which way to my Olympic village. This one is interesting strait Camilla the list hello I love you. Wow yeah now coming in and do you mind if I join you do you know what time it is I have the munchies where where can I get a cab. Can you help me find my hotel. What is your zodiac signs which way to mcdonalds can get I have check please. Wish me luck. And this one up that she use a lot while you're over there winning gold medals in Korea. Do you want to go sing karaoke. It's easy for life. Oh my god I beat a bad.