Tank on E

Monday, September 19th

Sean and Matty take a leap of faith on how far they can push it. Charley assures them that every car is different.


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It's and ended up show we're trying to hold on the weekend feeling but I'm gonna tell you right now and a work of don't you know brave acts Monday though you can't call it anything else and make it any better. I tried this one time I drove body. Longer than I felt like I should just see how far he get that's the time I ran out of gas right near the Burlington royals. If there are forty was that was attacked he would call me to come and bringing gas are yet to come in and joke now. Up a inspect and there's a car repair and maintenance company your mechanic to get a blog post. That says that you know how far cars can go when your once you light comes on track different are we got some cars they did the top fifty cars from Tony fifteen. Like I drive a Hyundai and dale launcher and it says I can get thirty miles actually comes on aka the Jose Jeddah. Now here's and while this is a wider range 57 to 85 mile who. Move like that which is there Campbell might. Prevent big gala most are between thirty and a hundred miles it just depends on the car to each car is different is my car and there it is not on there. But and. That they say that you know a lot of the new cars. Count it down or you do as you know I personally miles left well that they don't follow that because it's not it's. Only rough approximation it's you know I know it's not live by that now before he says that many miles on count. On intense argued back and forth to work on that yes as a as a light goes on a might. He knew we come. Doesn't want to miss thirty it just goes off and it doesn't get it doesn't counting down the rest of the way he says that the well yes. If you live seed they want you to have some excitement in your life you know this horse back.