Is taking a Jumpsuit from jail stealing?

Monday, September 17th

Is taking a jumpsuit from jail stealing? Sean, Charley, and Matty sound off. 

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Show go on gluten for love on 97 Simon we're just gonna take it that the only thing that we will not that's not even. No wait don't tell. I just thought your higher. It's about here so it wrapped up in a moment no I don't do so you might regret it. Storm passes. Unless you really really want to then I'm okay. Hey welcome to get a joke Monday morning the seventeenth to September here's some fashion news. That might surprise you. A guy who is spotted over at Hanes mall in Winston-Salem over the weekend making a bold fashion statement he was walking around wearing a bright orange jailed jumpsuit. What that something that he picked up to the Halloween store on the back it said Forsyth county detention center I don't think they let you leave with those slow it might be like you know I spent some time in and out of the hospital. And when I put on my closed over my scrubs. I get to take my scrubs home a lot of people say no I don't want those grubs but I like to Wear ms. PGA so they don't hear you when you get let out of jail you don't get to steal the jumpsuit and take it home with you that might put you back in jail we don't know how he came in possession of it sent a representative from the jail. One of the questions is is it actually hours supported someone else have it made it's just an orange jumpsuit. With students going on the back. We would assume it belongs to the jail. And if it does. Now he's wanted for stolen property. I don't know the last place still look Correa to you what what are you in four. Where in the jail jumps parents don't lose jobs. Pretty sweet and it could go live there if it's really nice oranges new black. Really yeah.